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Play the escape game by trying to evade guards at the Huron County Gaol (Jail), built in 1839, the place of Canada's last hanging. Friday, July 19th. 6 pm-10:30 p.m.

The quiet town of Goderich is abuzz after a suffragette rally held in the afternoon in Court House Square ended with multiple arrests. Several men, women and children, including yourself, have been brought to the Huron County Gaol and are awaiting processing. Can you Escape the Gaol? This is your chance. A bit of information that may help you escape; the Huron County Gaol (Jail) was built in 1839 and closed in 1972 and was also the site of Canada’s last public hanging. Nicolas Melady Jr. was hanged there in 1869 for the murder of his father and step-mother. There was also the infamous case of 14-year old Steven Truscott, who was wrongly sentenced to be hanged for murder.

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