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In the town of Lucan, tour the gripping tragedy of the Donnelly’s and their homestead, as narrated by one of the survivors, Kaitlyn Donnelly. Thursday, July 11th. 9:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Many know of the infamous Donnelly name, and may be aware of the darkness associated with it, but few know the full story. In 1842, the Donnellys arrived to Lucan, Ontario from Ireland - poor but determined. They farmed a plot of land for more than ten years, without the title to it, but believing it to be rightfully theirs. Unfortunately, most others in the area disagreed, and this ongoing contention fed by bitter rivalries and barn fires, ended with an armed mob massacring the Donnellys on a cold winter's night. Despite two trials, no one was ever convicted. Join Kaitlyn Donnelly Riordan, as she shares the story of these ancestors, with a visit to the Donnelly Museum, in their would-be hometown of Lucan, just west of Stratford.

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