Stratford Road Trips


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Nancy searches out a small town, scenic creek bed or a pastoral farm setting, for her sketching and water color class. Wednesday, July 31st, 1:15 p.m-5:30 p.m.

While you’re more likely to find Nancy leading a trip up to the tea plantations of India’s Deccan Plateau or watching for whales out of Witless Bay, when she returns home to Stratford, it’s the quiet corners of the surrounding counties where she spends long afternoons. Trained in fine art at what is now OCADU and owner of Going Places Together Tours, Nancy captures moments of each adventure (at home and abroad) in quick watercolour and ink sketches. Bring your pen or paints. Inspiring settings await. On this road trip, Nancy leads the group into the countryside to find a small town or a pastoral farm setting perfect to teach her class. Best yet, all road trippers will go with a memory of their trip.


“Growing up in Riverside (now a part of Windsor), my parents would take me across the bridge each week to a painting class at the Detroit Institute of Arts. In a way, these were my first adventures in painting. And now, a lifetime later, I still find so much joy in seeing the world in this way. You don’t need to be a skilled artist to join these workshops. All you need is an interest in colour and a willingness to try something new.” 

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