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Participate in an afternoon of history lessons at Brocksen School, in 1851, led by a rather cranky teacher. Recess, snacks and a field trip are included. Friday, August 30th. 1:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

To some, history evokes feelings of boredom or dread, but not the way we teach it! We begin by learning many strange and perverse facts of the area on our journey to Brocksden School. Upon our arrival at the School, we are instantly transported back in time as the school opened 165 years ago and has been perfectly preserved. Your Brocksden teacher will share a multitude of interesting stories, and there will be a break with common snacks of the day and games from the past at recess. This school trip is not for the faint of heart – pupils are advised to remember that the punishment was much more severe back than for disobedience in class! We will end the day by taking a field trip, in the Road Trip van, through the countryside to hear a few more tales – some true and some questionable.

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