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Water meditation on a beach and yoga around a historic tree with two inspiring pros. Tuesday, July 23rd. 1:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

There are few things more serene and recharging than beginning your day on the sandy beach of Bayfield. Discard your shoes and allow the cool morning sand to envelop your toes. Claire and Joan, both experienced meditation and yoga instructors from Yoga Chapple, will lead you in a water meditation on the beach and a yoga session around a beautiful oak tree at Pioneer Park. Afterwards, feeling simultaneously relaxed and invigorated, you will stroll through the winding streets that make up the historic neighbourhoods of Bayfield. The journey ends with a visit to whimsical downtown stores, which include the Village Bookshop, the Spotted Cow, the Purple Peony and the Gravy Boat – when store names are as charming as those, who needs descriptions?

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Earlier Event: July 22
Later Event: July 25