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Pick your own blueberries, visit a produce stand to buy locally grown snacks and tour a family run micro-brewery in the village of Shakespeare. Tuesday, August 6th. 1:15 p.m-5:30 p.m.

This tour is a memorable and interactive rural experience which will give you a newfound appreciation for all that Perth County has to offer. Pick your own blueberries from this amazing and Instagram-able patch at TNT Berries; visit a great produce stand to grab locally grown foods you’ve been dying to try and learn more about; pop into Shakespeare Brewing Co. for an exciting and educational tour of the family run micro-brewery. Of course, this trip wouldn’t be complete without finishing it on a gorgeous hop-surrounded patio in downtown Shakespeare, sampling a refreshing flight of craft beer and organize, locally sourced snacks.

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Earlier Event: August 4
Later Event: August 8