Stratford Road Trips


Use Stratford as your home base to explore everything Southwestern Ontario has to offer.

Why take a road trip?

There are few things better than embracing the thrill of going off the beaten path and uncovering the well-kept secrets around them.

How to take a road trip from Stratford?

We totally agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “It’s the not the Destination, It's the journey.” Please embrace the journey through the pastoral setting just outside of Stratford. Breathe, let the air flow through your hair, listen to the music, reflect on life, smile, be quiet, sing, share a story and just be you.

What to expect on your Stratford journey?

This is your journey to the great outdoors. How you experience the road trip is totally up to you. The primary responsibilities of our drivers are to pick you up in Stratford, guide you through the countryside to your destination, and to get you back home safely. The trips are designed to give you freedom to pick and choose what you’d like to do within the time we have. We have chosen experienced activity partners.

What is the price?

All Stratford and area trips are under $100, with prices ranging from $35 to $95 + HST (including entrance fees, driver, snacks, water and ride).

Are their discounts?

Ask for family ($5 off per guest with party of 4 or more) and Stratford resident ($5 off) discount rates.

Where is the pickup and drop-off?

Northwest side of Stratford’s City Hall, across from Guardian Pharmacy (12 Wellington Street).

Is a charity involved?

Yes! 15% of all revenues go to Wheels for All, a charity that ensures all Stratford youth have access to wheeled recreation.

Who are the drivers?

Drivers have been chosen based on their driving prowess, passion for road trips and connection to the Stratford area.

How long is each trip?

Most road trips are within an hour's drive of Stratford. Trips typically leave at 1:15 p.m and return around 6.

Are there snacks?

We stop in local communities for a snacks and drinks.

Can I skip the more physical activity on the Road Trip?

Of course, however, the trips are intended to be accessible by all.

What is the maximum and minimum number of guests required?

A maximum of 10 guests and a minimum of 4 guests (required). If minimum not met, guests will be notified by 9 p.m the night before.

How is payment made?

Payment is facilitated through the online booking system. 100% is required at time of booking.

Are cancellations by passengers accommodated?

As each trip depends on the minimum number of guests, there are no refunds.

Are the trips guided?

A well informed and experienced host leads each trip. There will be many opportunities for questions and discussion. There will also be times for peace and quiet to enjoy the outdoors.

What happens if it rains?

We go rain or shine as we have contingencies should it rain.

Are the road trips family friendly?

Most definitely, all are welcome. There, however, are not discounts for children. Pricing is based on taking a seat on the van.

Can I create my own road trip? 

For sure. You might want to take a road trip, but it isn’t scheduled. The van with driver is for rent at $350 for half day and $500 for full day including gas and driver. Just let us know at